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I performed data retrieving for legal purpose from this web server and database.

I perform data harvesting, data retrieving into this site in order to get data for legal purpose.

Success ratio was 88%

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I have secured this website using manual black box testing and provided in-depth testing/fixing report.

I found vulnerabilities and secured this website before bad hackers could! I tested this site using my manual testing skills and made fixings report.

Success ratio was 90%

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I've secured company's internal network & devices using manual Network PT methodologies.

I had used Manual Network Penetration testing methodologies and repairing some critical IDS/IPs, Firewalls,Routers, Servers, Switches problems.

Success ratio was 80%

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I perform data forensics on this website inform them regarding some serious issues.

I performed forensics and analysis and found serious issues, i informed their security team and help them in order to fix those issues respectively!

Success ratio was 79%

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Data Recovery

Wannacry Vaccination

I made simple solution to prevent wanna cry infection.

I performed forensics and analysis and found serious issues regarding this ransome that infects my devices, I've worked 5 days nonstop to find solution of this ransome and finally i make small vaccination!

Success ratio was 69%

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HDD/SSD Data Recovery

I recovered total 10TB+ vital data from different clients within limited time.

I performed data recovery activity. This task processed at 4 different stages like 1.) Manual Analysis with cause of damage 2.) Building and retrieving proper filesystem 3.) Retrieving RAW files according to the filesystem 4.)Generating lost/damaged files.

success ratio was 80%

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Fashion Shop

I developed E-commerce website which has highly customized design and responsive.

I developed this e-commerce website & admin panel within 1 months by using PHP. this site is fully optimized for mobile,tablet,pc uses.

Success ratio was 70%

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I found some other security related issues & DB related problems and also fixed all of them.

I checked and fixed website for different security related errors, optimized and fixed some weaknessess.

Success ratio was 95%

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I fixed some fulnerabilities in this website with proper reporting.

I corrected some filesystem access issuess and fixed those issues.

Success ratio was 85%

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CC Fraud detection

I developed this project during last year in engineering and this project proves my skills in web development.

I developed this site that detects & prevents fraud. this is web application in which it can provide high grade encryption. This site can be easily integrated with any bank's web application or any e-commerce web application!!That's the main advaantage.

Success ratio was 88%

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Record Management System

I developed this web application for local computer dealers, repairing stores, mobile stores, schools/colleges for secure digital records purpose. Due to this app, they can save paper work and faster access than any other record management software!

This system has divided into major 4 to 5 categories like in Transactions, all credits/debits can be recorded, for item/mobiles/devices categories , all items sales and allrelated details can be stored. And main thing is it records each and every activity performed by owner. It keeps one photo copy of every invoice.!

Success ratio was 95%

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Chart Readings

I Analyzed total 1500+ charts by using vedic astrology and has 95% of my predictions became true!

I had solved all questions that has came through different clients regarding different aspects of life including career, job, finance, business, marriage, children, any spiritual concern!

Success ratio was 95%

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