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Password Generator 1

Password Generator

We Have developed Password Generator program to solve password related problems.


  1. Small amount of Memory & CPU required
  2. GUI Interface for easy use
  3. Able to generate extraordinary password
  4. Hassle Free Setup. Just click and Run!
  5. Highly Portable!
  6. Less in Size
  7. Doesn't store password into memory!
  8. Memory Leak Protection!

Available for Below Platforms:

  1. Windows Binary (For both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  2. Linux [Python File]
  3. Mac OS [Python File]

Generate Three type of Passwords:

  1. Low strength Mode
  2. Medium strength Mode
  3. Strong strength Mode

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Penetration Testing Suite Web App

We've developed one of our finest solution for our all customers. We called this product as VP Secure Suite.This Software Product is available to all our customers. And have following Features:

Customer can request specific service according to their requirements.

After Purchasing this, Customer can access personalized dashboard, when they can use various tools and Services.

Customer can request to do Web App/Mobile/API Pentesting. All the customer have to do is: Fill up single form and submit!

This Software Product is Integrated with our Services Plans.

You can learn more or buy a suitable plan for yourself Here.

Success ratio was 70%

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IM 1

Invoice Management Software

SaaS based Invoice Management Software Writtten in PHP 8.

Invoice & Billing System Features:

  1. Custom Branding available
  2. Customizations available!
  3. View List of the Invoices
  4. Print Invoices
  5. Edit/Delete Invoices
  6. Easy to use database backup and restore options
  7. Beautifully and creatively designed UI for attractive look with features!

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IM 1

Inventory Management Software

Simple and easy to use SaaS based Inventory Managament Software written in PHP 8.

Inventory Management System Features:

  1. Multiple Users Options
  2. Powerful and easy to use dashboard
  3. Mobile Optimized and can be accessed from Tablets or Mobile Also!
  4. Product Returning & Releasing options
  5. Clients and Product listings
  6. Activity History tracking
  7. Store electronics bills/invoices as taken picture [For Backup Options]
  8. Extremeely Easy to use Database backup and restore options
  9. Calender option for tracking upcoming records!
  10. Powerful search functionality for finding details
  11. Print and Editing Functionality
  12. Custom Brading Available!

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1. Premium Product VP Security Suite By: The VP Techno Labs® International.

2. Premium Product Invoice creation software By: The VP Techno Labs® International.

3. Premium Product Password Generator software By: The VP Techno Labs® International.

4. Premium Product Inventory Management software By: The VP Techno Labs® International.

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