Protect your business, Increase wealth and market value by choosing fantastic cyber security protection.

Patented DRE Technology
  1. To overcome Complicated cyber threats that affects Business customer's revenue, damage reputation; VP Techno Labs was born with aim to disappear cyber threats from the world and makes a world a better place. We will protect it by guarding them by covering in protection.

Company Intro

The VP Techno Labs International is multi award winning and internationally recognised cyber-security company Having more than 300 clients across the globe and having more than 50 Fortune Top 500 clients.

Our cybersecurity protection provide guarantee against threats. Our commitment is to provide quality services with Zero False Positive SLAs
and protection accuracy is up to 95 percent.

We will make sure we can put deadliest efforts to secure your business from known to unknown threats. We uses unmatchable, unbeatable, uncompromising Artificial & Human Intelligence Methodologies to secure your assets.

Our Offering and Quality makes us unique and competitive than other players and we have strong networks of collaborators companies and partner companies. They work with us to complete goal of the both sides consumers

Learn how we work to protect your business Approach

Penetration Testing
Red Teaming Assessment
Anti Hacking Security
Disaster Recovery Planning & Data Recovery
Breach Incident Response Handling
IT Compliance & Auditing
Software Testing & Code Review
  1. Accuracy of our Trple Shield DRE Model & Incredible Approach

  • 20%

    Cost Reduction

  • 90%

    Success Ratio

International Market Recommends VP Techno Labs

Services & Solutions

Cyber security services & solutions

  • Web App Penetration Testing (WAPT)
  • Mobile App Penetration Testing (MAPT)
  • API & Custom Application Security Testing
  • VAPT | Penetration Testing | Vulnerability Patching
  • Manual | Automatic Penetration Testing (Backed by Triple Shield DeReEn Technology & AI + HI Combined Approach)
  • Manual & Automatic PT
  • Spcialized & Sandboxed Vehicle & Automotive Penetration Testing
  • IoT, Smart Home & Electronics Devices Penetration Testing
  • Network Security services & solutions

  • Enterprise Network Security Assessment
  • Network Security Reinforcement
  • Network Security Penetration Testing
  • Network Optimizations and/or Network Performance Improvement
  • Network Device Fault Tolerance & Fault Monitoring
  • Enterprise Security Solutions

    Red Teaming Assessment

  • Specialized Red Teaming Assessment based on Detect Remove Enforce based machine learning model made by us.
  • Simulated Threat & Malware Attack Assessment
  • Blue/Purple Teaming Assessment
  • Social Engineering Assessment
  • Machine Learning based Fraud Prevention Solution!
  • Data Recovery & Forensics

  • Data Recovery from lost devices & disasters
  • Anti Hacking Security (AI + HI & Triple Shield DeReEn Technology Backed!)
  • Anti Hacking Security
  • Implementation of Security Policies in any business (ISMS)
  • Business Disaster Recovery Planning & Implementation
  • Web Services

  • Website Migration & Upgradation Services
  • SSL Installation, Configurations & Error Solutions
  • Payment Gateway Integration | Migration
  • Website Features Adding | Removal | Optimization
  • Website Fault Tolerance & Error recovery
  • Website Maintenance & Optimizations
  • Web Security, Firewall Problems & Solutions
  • Website & Mobile App Source Code Review & Secure Code BuildUp
  • Malware Removal & Forensics

  • Website Malware Removal
  • Mobile App Forensics Examinations
  • Malware Analysis & Digital Forensics
  • Keylogger Removal & Recovery
  • Ransomware Removal & Recovery
  • IT Security Compliance & Auditing

    IT Security Compliance & Auditing

  • GDPR
  • PCI-DSS [Level 1 to 4]
  • NIST SP 800-30
  • SOC 2/SOX
  • ISO 9001 | 20000 | 27001
  • Others
  • IT Support & Solutions

  • Computer Laptop Service & Repairing
  • Device Error Recovery through Remote Support
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • Technical Support via on premise visiting
  • Antivirus Solutions & Business Softwares(Retail)
  • Software Testing

    Red Teaming Assessment

  • Functional Testing
  • Manual Testing (AI + HI & Triple Shield DeReEn Technology Backed!)
  • Automation Testing
  • Specialized Sandboxed White/Black/Grey Box Testing (AI + HI & Triple Shield DeReEn Technology Backed!)
  • Cloud Devices Testing (AI + HI & Triple Shield DeReEn Technology Backed!)

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