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We already analyzed over 2000+ charts in astrology so far. Just simply fill the below form and send to us. We will done everything for you.

No more automatic generated reports. Predictions using manual calculations, astro physics, comprehensive logics and spirituality. So that customers can be satisfied. You will get manually written report contains all the required information respectively.

For Price and further discussion you can click on consult menu, facility provided in consult section respectively.

Vedic Astrology
KP Astrology
Jaimini Astrology
Palm Reading
Gemstones Suggestions
Personalized Horoscope
Dosha Remedies Suggestion

Services Offered

Vedic Astrology

Horoscope and/or chart reading, predictions regarding all aspects of life including career, finance, business, marriage, childrens or any spiritual concern.

KP Astrology

Specialized KP Horoscope and/or chart reading, predictions regarding all aspects of life using KP astrology. Cuspal lords/sublords remedies, solutions, etc.

Jaimini System Astrology

Predictions regarding char dasha, different karakas elements, Special yogas, karakamsa and swamsa charts reading, etc.

Gemstone Suggestions

Different types of gemstones and remedial pujas, power of mantra, planet's gemstone wise remedies, and much more detailed reports.


Lucky and life path numbers, predictions using numerology, custom questions and answers, and much more.

Personalized Horoscope

Get your personalized horoscope as ou wish like month wise, year wise, Full life report. Get your manually written report now!

Palm Reading

Predictions using different lines and thumb/finger prints in your hands. Life line, fate line, marriage line, children line ,etc. Get your manually written report now!

Dosha Remedies

Diffrenet dosha remedies like kal-sarpa yoga, chandal dosha, kemdrim dosha, pret badha dosha, pitra dosha, shrapit dosha ,etc. Get your manually written report now!

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