Cyber Security in Three easy steps: DETECT | REMOVE | ENFORCE. VP Techno Labs Logo has Three Sharp Cuts. Red Cut detectes known or unknown threats, Dark Green Cut Removes threats and Cyan Cut Enforces or prevents threats!

About Company

VP Techno Labs™ is award winning & internationally recognized cybersecurity & network security services and solutions provider. The purpose behind this business is to help organizations against today's complicated cyber threats and data breaches.

Within Just two years from starting, the company has gained 100+ global clients! And just within this time frame VP Techno Labs Listed in Top 100 Cybersecurity companies in India!

We gained confidence and strength when clients are satisfied with our work and extraordinary deadline management for their essential projects. We're providing best in class services in lower price ranges and according to your budget!

We will make sure we can put deadliest efforts to secure your business from known to unknown threats. We uses unmatchable, unbeatable, uncompromising Artificial & Human Intelligence Methodologies to secure your assets.

Web Development
Vulnerablity Assessment/Fixing(VAPT)
Virus| SPAM | Malware | Ransomeware Removal
Penetration Testing & WAPT
Software based Data Recovery & Forensics
IT compliance & Auditing
IoT & Electronics Devices Pentesting
Vehicle & Automotive Pentesting


Cyber security

We're having vast experience and specialization in Cyber Security field. And we offers services including vulnerability analysis/fixing, CMS cleanup, Malware removal,Penetration testing, whitebox testing, Manual testing and many others. Apart from these, we also offers IOS app penetration testing as well android app penetration testing services. We have specialized teams who can also perform Vehicle & Automotive Pentesting as well as IoT Devices Pentesting.

Data Recovery & Forensics

In Data recovery, we offers software based data recovery from different types of devices like HDDs, SSDs, NAS, Personal cloud, Severs, Memory chips like memory cards and pendrives and in forensics, we offers memory forensics, digital or system forensics, data forensics, malware analysis, behavioural analysis, etc.

Network Security

In Network security, we offers UTMs installation, configurations and/or troubleshooting, also firewall and IDS(Intrusion Detection System), IPS(Intrusion Prevention System) installation, configurations, Fault correction, Network optimizations, Enterprise Network Security Services and also do AMC(Annual Maintenace Contract) of different companies and institues.

Source Code Review

In source code review, we offers secure code review, source code analysis, code optimizations, rebuild optimized code and many others.This will verify security of different web and mobile applications. So every organizations need to be built within strong and error free code. And we offers in effective way as well reasonable price.

Web Development

We're also experienced in developing secure shopify/magento e-commerce/shopping website, Portfolios, Personal website development with proper optimizations, responsiveness, mobile-friendliness, etc. And as you know security is in our DNA. So while working with you we surely promise you that your data is safe!

Customized Solutions

We're also experienced in developing customized security solutions. If you're interested in custom open source or propreitory solutions, then you're at right place. We can do for you and/or your business. Our all solutions are also meet with ISO, HIPAA, GDPR, NIST, FISMA compliance and industry standards.

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